Tired of Allergies? Chiropractic Care Can Help You Stop Hay Fever Where The Problem Starts

Summer. A time for fun, sun, and……allergies.

Let’s face it, so many people out there are dealing with seasonal allergies. The itching, burning, headachy, watery eyed nuisance that peeks its head directly into your life at the most inopportune moments of summer. Now you find yourself planning trips to the park, hiking trails, or the zoo based upon what the pollen count is for the day. Who wants to let the current state of the climate dictate when you can and can’t enjoy life? Luckily, there are a number of options to choose from when looking at getting rid of your allergies. But wait……none of the options you have found offer some form of PERMANENT relief. No matter what you seem to try, it’s always temporary and if you stop, your allergies come back worse than ever.

There is something out there that you haven’t tried yet. Something that if you do decide to try, could be the one thing you have been missing in your life. It could be the one thing that frees you from the biological prison of your allergies. I am talking about Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care. But in order to understand how this method could potentially be the BEST kept secret in healthcare, we have to understand allergies a bit better first.


Firstly, Allergies start from within, and when you’re young.

Most research has shown that allergies begin during the developmental years of childhood, even if you don’t begin to experience the symptoms until you are an adult. Almost 25% of the population experiences allergies such as hay fever, but often times they don’t even know the allergy is present until it hits them like a train. It happens like this: When we are young, we are first exposed to an allergen, such as tree pollen. When the allergen comes into contact with our developing bodies, we must adapt to it (since it is seen as a toxin). Unfortunately, when the body cannot adapt, it goes on the strong offense and begins to up its defenses in a MAJOR way, so it can be ready for the next run in. Now when we are exposed to that same allergen, the body goes all Rambo on it and starts blasting away with little to no care about the body itself.


This Whole allergy process is under the strict watch of the Nervous System

Now here’s the kicker: This whole process is under the strict watch of the nervous system. For a quick lesson, the nervous system is in control of every process in the entire body, every second of your life. Its job is monumental. So when it can’t properly adapt to an incoming environmental factor, things can go quite awry, and THAT is where Upper Cervical Chiropractic comes in.


Upper Cervical Chiropractic focuses on the breaker box of the body

We all know a little something about how electricity in houses works. What is the first thing you do if you were to come home to find the power out? Exactly. You head to the breaker box to make sure all of the circuits are working correctly. Well, the human body has its own breaker box, called the brain stem. Its located right at the top of your neck, and is protected by the top two bones in your spine: the Atlas and the Axis. These bones are of an INSANE amount of importance because if they are not moving properly, the integrity of your fuse box comes into question and when that happens, THINGS. GO. WRONG.  

And that is where we come in. At The Specific offices all around the country, people come in to have us take a look at their breaker box (brain stem) to see if its working properly. If it isn’t, we flip the switch by making a VERY precise correction to the top bones in the neck. This restores communication in the Nervous System and allows YOU to better adapt to the allergens around you. So now, instead of having to treat allergies with all sorts of medications, you get to rest easy knowing that your body is a super soldier, ready to take on whatever is thrown at it!


So who benefits from this type of care?

Well, I always tell my patients that the best time to have your breaker box checked is when you are little, to ensure proper bodily development. But let’s face it, even though this technique has been around since the 1930’s, there are still many adults who are just finding out about it. But don’t worry, it is definitely not too late! By getting checked now and with time, we can ensure adults are living their best lives as well!

This is why at The Specific, it is our vision to ensure every man, woman, and child on this planet has access to Upper Cervical Specific care because we know that we have the ability to put both the health AND the care back in healthcare.


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