Let’s talk stabilization!

I just got this cool new piece of equipment for the clinic, and I want to relate it back to what we do in the office specifically.

I got this cool new camera stabilizer.  It’s a three-axis gimbal.  I’m loving it already. I’m going to do so much video content for you guys, just because I like use this thing.

With this new stabilizer, though, I can keep my camera entirely stable and looking at me even when I’m moving it around. That’s pretty cool.

Now, the human body does something similar.  You most notably see it in children – especially babies.

Whenever you take a baby and gently move them around a bit, you’ll notice that their head stays straight up. You can tilt them back. Their head will move around, but they’ll remain stable.

This is actually called the righting reflex. It’s really, really cool thing to see in a child.

But I want you to note something: when you become an adult, that righting reflex is still there.

So wherever your head gets off-kilter one way or the other, even if it’s small amounts, the rest of the buttons on the spine and the body compensate for that correction to keep your head on straight.

Whenever you’re experiencing low back pain, this is why.  Getting your neck corrected can help with that low back pain.  It can also help with that knee pain and help with all of these issues that you’re experiencing.

Simply getting your head on straight can resolve so many issues.  If you’re dealing with chronic back pain or other issues, schedule a free consult. Sit down with me and discuss your health and how we can help you out.