Migraine Success Story

“Before I was dealing with daily migraines. I’ve been to everyone such as eye doctors, nutritionists, etc. After seeing Dr. Casey, I haven’t had a migraine in six months.”


This life ruining nuisance can cause many pains, cause sensitivity to light, make a person vomit, cause lost days at work, and make someone cancel any plans they had. Migraines can last for days, making the sufferer shut themselves in a dark room until the pain goes away.

There are warning signs that a migraine is coming on including light sensitivity, an aura (think flashing lights, blind spots, or zigzagging lines in vision), or even tingling in the face or limbs.

Our office has seen tremendous results with both common type headaches and migraines. If you feel like you have tried everything, then now is the time to give us a call.


Pain Success Story

“The adjustment technique is a wonderful experience. I’m already noticing improvement in mountain biking and improved range of motion.”


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Back Pain Success Story

“For about a week, I couldn’t work. And when I don’t work, I don’t eat. That’s a very scary moment in your life when you figure out you’re not super human anymore.”

necK and back PAIN 

Upwards of 85% of the american population suffers from neck or back pain, and often both, at some point in their lives. Current protocols from doctor’s offices include muscle relaxers, opioids, and anti-inflammatories. Unfortunately while this can help to quiet the pain in the short term, in the long term it can lead to chronic pain issues and even surgery.

In our offices, we have seen tremendous results when patients come in suffering from pains. We see these results because we have narrowed down the root cause. A misalignment in the top two bones in the neck which creates an interference in the nervous system. This leads to the body not healing as it should. So as you go about your day experiencing “micro-traumas”, your body does not fully take care of the area in question and BOOM. you end up experiencing a huge amount of pain doing a simple task.

Contact us today to schedule your Nervous System testing so you can find the root cause!


Allergies Success Story

“When my child was younger and suffering from allergies, he was on three or four medications. We started with Dr. Casey and he’s off all his medications!”


Allergies for most people are simply a part of life. Allergy sufferers tend to remain stocked with whatever pills, potions and lotions help them to temporarily break free from the symptoms they experience on an often daily basis. In reality, allergies are an overreaction of the immune system, causing inflammation in the body and resulting in the red eye, itching, scratching feelings experienced.

Recent research has shown a VERY intimate relationship between the Nervous System and the Immune system. So now what is seen is that your allergies may actually stem from an issue in the Nervous System

Call us today to schedule your Nervous System testing so we can help you get relief!

 a tmj story

TMJ Success Story

“I felt results almost immediately. I can now open my mouth to eat and I can see continuous progress with the pain I’ve been having.”


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a fatigue story

Fatigue Success Story

“I’ve seen a general practictioner but it wasn’t improving my problem. After seeing Dr. Casey, I’m not worn out during the day.”

fatigue and energy

Have you ever seen someone, or better yet been the person that is always tired? You feel constantly worn down. You find yourself yawning. A lot. Perhaps you rely on daily caffeine intake just to keep you going? Listen, THAT is not normal. In reality, you should be able to carry on about your day just fine without having to rely on stimulants. Your muscles shouldn’t be constantly worn out.

You should be able to handle a normal life. So WHY is this happening? The likely culprit is your nervous system itself. Remember that the Nervous System controls EVERY cell, tissue, and organ in the body. If proper lines of communication are being affected, the result is that exact worn down feeling you have. We can test for this interference specifically using our tech, and get you back on the road to normality.

Don’t hesitate and book your new patient experience now!


Multiple Sclerosis Success Story

“I’ve had MS for 14 years. Each month gets progressively worse and have tried everything. Getting adjusted by Dr. Casey, it was almost like it was a quick release of my pain.”


Multiple sclerosis or (MS) is an autoimmune disorder that can lead to many painful and neurological symptoms. Those living with MS suffer from headaches, mental health issues, pain, numbness, and more.

How can The Specific Chiropractic help? When your upper cervical is healthy, your brain and your immune system can properly communicate with the rest of your body.

Signs that this is could be occurring are difficulty in initiating sleep, difficulty in remaining asleep, difficulty in getting quality sleep, or any other type of sleep disturbance. Before you jump to Ambien, Lunesta, or some other extremely potent drug let us see if you are a candidate that could benefit from upper cervical specific chiropractic care!