I just finished with a patient right now who is an amazing woman.

She has absolutely been through the ringer as far as her health goes.  She’s suffered from some pretty bad stuff. She’s dealt with some pretty chronic low back pain that over the past little bit we’ve been working on.

As she’s been coming in, she’s been getting better and better. We’ve cleared out her nervous system.

She pulled up today to the clinic in not a great state – so bad, in fact, that when we adjusted her, we actually had to take her straight down to the floor.

That’s how bad of a flare-up that she was having.  She was in so much pain and struggling so much.

But by the time we had rested her out – by the time that she had taken her 20 minutes to rest from the adjustment – all the pain was gone. All the numbness was gone, and she was already feeling a million times better.

So there are good days whenever you’re under care at the clinic…but sometimes you have some bad days. That’s just the body expressing its health to you. It’s just the body healing.

Symptoms are not always a bad thing. They’re going to be an inconvenience for a lot of people, ad we understand that.  I sympathize with you wholeheartedly on it.

But I think it’s time for a lot of people to experience this type of care.

I think it’s a lot of time for just a few of you that are on the fence to bust that thing down and come over to our side. Let’s get you healthy. Let’s get you happy and let’s get you your life back.