Is My Chiropractor Hurting Me?

So you’ve been going to see a local Chiropractor for a few visits now. You were told that help is on the way. You’ve been told that they are the person to get rid of your problems. The problem is however, that all you have experienced has been even more pain. You’re tired and ready to give up hope that Chiropractic was the correct route for you. But don’t throw in the towel until you’ve read this!


See, Chiropractic isn’t like other forms of healthcare. Where others attempt to put something into or take something out of the body in order to alter the processes of the body itself, Chiropractic seeks to work with what the body already has in order to restore normal function and the thing is, this takes time. In reality, there is no process that does not take time. It’s one of the founding principles behind Chiropractic care. There is an understanding that in time, and with expert care, the body will function better than it ever has.


So why then might you be feeling worse after starting care? It’s like I just said, your body is functioning better than it ever has, and when a system begins to work properly, often times it has to clear out all the toxic stuff before things get better. That leads me to one of the main points here: Symptoms ARE NOT a bad thing.




Symptoms are definitely an inconvenience, but when they are there it is a sign that your body is working to heal. Think of it like this:


You go out to eat one night at a local restaurant. Both you and the person you are with eat a big pile of nachos, and it turns out the meat used should have been thrown out a few days ago. So now you have both eaten bad meat. Well that night, you get sick as a dog from food poisoning. You call up your friend to check on them, but they report no issues at all. So the question here is: Who is really sick? The person whose body has detected a toxin and is working to get rid of it, or the person whose body allows the toxin to enter unnoticed? If you said the person stuck in the bathroom all night then good job, and give yourself a pat on the back for being so smart .




The point here is this: Symptoms are often a sign of healing. When you enter into a Chiropractic office that is more concerned with the overall function of your body and less concerned in how the body is expressing its healing phase (i.e. the symptoms you are experiencing each visit), you’re definitely in the right place. When a body begins to function correctly, it will inevitably begin to heal. There are different phases of healing, and one of them is when the body gets to work on everything going wrong, which can bring back some things that might not be to pleasant at the time. If you have a great doc, they will walk you through the process and ensure that in time, you are living that dream life you no longer thought possible.


There are many things patients may experience when beginning under Chiropractic care: Fatigue, soreness, hunger, euphoria, increased libido, more energy, or perhaps nothing at all. While your doctor loves you and cares about how you are feeling, it is paramount to understand that the main concern is getting your body in the right place because FEELING FOLLOWS FUNCTION.  




Do you ever go to a doctor’s office in hopes of finding something wrong with you? Do you visit a dentist hoping to find a cavity? Do you get testing done in hopes it comes back with the news that YEP! You’ve got Chlamydia! It is very doubtful that you actually want to find out there is something wrong. So why go to the Chiropractor HOPING they find Nervous System interference and need to adjust you?


It would make more sense to know that you are getting what you are paying for in a Chiropractic office: A decreasing amount of Nerve Interference that stays gone, longer, with each adjustment delivered. If you’re reading this and finding that it relates to you, then you are a likely candidate for Thermography testing and Upper Cervical care. See at The Specific, the largest value we provide is CHECKING to see if there is nerve interference EVERY SINGLE VISIT by using a special technology that scans the nervous system for interference In the hopes that we don’t find any, and that we don’t have to deliver an adjustment. We have the goal that one adjustment can last weeks on end, and that you are able to attend visits and be told “There is absolutely nothing wrong with your nervous system today. You are perfect” so we can send you on your merry way.   


Have you stopped Chiropractic care because it made you feel worse? Were you treated by a doctor that you may have thought was hurting you? Curious to learn more? Want to find out if Upper Cervical Chiropractic care is right for you? Follow this link to Schedule a consult today


-Dr. Casey