How Can Chiropractic Help with Allergies?

There are some things in life that go hand in hand. Cookies and milk, Sherlock and Watson, Bill and Ted. You rarely find one without the other. But Chiropractic and allergies? Well, that’s a relationship that is quickly becoming more common and will soon be as known as any of these other things. So what is it that Chiropractors have that makes such a good fit for allergies? Why are we hearing more and more about patient successes heading away from drugs and more towards a holistic approach? The philosophy is there, the art is there, and now, the science is as well.


 Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this match made in heaven.

First off, something that not many ordinary people know. Allergies stem from a SINGLE EVENT. That’s right, all of those times you have avoided certain areas because you are under the impression that your environment is the culprit for your red and itchy eyes, your runny nose, headache, and the congested, miserable experiences you have are actually not the fault of the environment around you. They are part of something much bigger, that has been going on for a LONG time.


I could go on and on about proliferation of mast cells,  allergen receptors, and inflammatory mediators, but I’m not writing an entire piece on just information. I’m writing a piece on GETTING YOU HELP. The truth is that the first time you came into contact with whatever allergen you can’t handle (peanuts, shellfish, tree pollen etc.) your body tried it’s best to adapt. It was unable to. Because it couldn’t adapt, your immune system went through a change, led by its VERY intimate partner, THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. This change not only generated an interference in the nervous system itself, but it caused the immune system to go haywire. So now, anytime you come in contact with that same allergen……BOOM! You are slammed with the same ol’ nasty stuff you do your best to avoid with meds, shots, therapies, and anything else you can find. The issue here is that those are all temporary fixes, centered around treating the symptoms as opposed to revisiting that initial interaction, testing the nervous system for interference, and having that interference removed from the body altogether. And THAT is where Chiropractic comes in.


How The Specific Can Help…

See, at The Specific Chiropractic Centers around the country, we have extensive training in the detection and analysis of nervous system interference. We are highly trained in the use of Computerized Infrared Thermography, which allows us to find out if there is indeed interference present in your body. If it is, we undertake a course of care to restore your function to how it was BEFORE you first came into contact with the allergen that sent your immune system on the fritz! Restore your function, restore your feeling.   


So can chiropractic help with allergies?

YES! In fact, you can hear about it directly from the mother of one of our patients HERE


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