Headaches: Blinded By The Light

There are many types of headaches. Tension, stress, cluster, Hypnic, migraines, sinus, caffeine-related, exertion. They go by many names, have many proposed causes, and create nothing but trouble for the sufferer.


We’re talking a complete nuisance in a person’s life. Forget about getting to work on time, forget about spending time with family and loved ones, forget about date night, and forget about enjoying yourself. It’s is a terrible reality to be a part of for anyone that suffers from these debilitating issues.


Hope is sought from all angles. Oils and natural remedies, over the counter medications and sprays, onward to prescriptions, injections, even full on medical procedures in order to rid yourself of the pain.

1 in 4 people experience severe types of headaches. That is a HUGE portion of the population. The odd thing is that there does not seem to be a ton of agreement on what causes these various types of headaches, and THAT leads to a couple of points I want to make sure I get across.



Call it an unpopular opinion, but it is difficult to deny this. Think about it, how often do you feel you have a headache trigger known, only to discover its inconsistency. Some days it triggers your headache, and others…nothing. Many will claim to have a trigger, yet it is not with 100% accuracy. That tells me that it likely isn’t the trigger itself, but the situation your body is in when that particular “trigger” takes effect.



How many times have you either talked to someone or been the person who has been on prescription medications, or even gone as far as to inject Botox (which is typically 31 injections repeated every 12 weeks by the way) to help get rid of headaches? How many people have actually experienced Long lasting results that didn’t require you to go back later for more treatments, or didn’t create long lasting change? Most studies done on these treatments look at the immediate relief effect, and not the long term resolution. In fact, as of February 2019, the determination of Botox to help headaches is largely inconclusive. The point here is that ALL of these things are not treating the body, but working to relieve symptoms. If we can alter our approach, perhaps we can find full and long lasting relief from all types of Headaches.



   I became an Upper Cervical Chiropractor for one BIG reason. Well, two, I guess. The top two bones in the neck sit right at the site of all of your troubles. THE BRAIN STEM. Get this piece of the puzzle working and your life will become COMPLETELY different. Listen, I have seen countless headache cases come through my doors and after a course of care (completely non-invasive by the way) they are completely different people. I’m talking a constant smile because they made the decision to stop chasing quick relief and commit to the reality of the situation: WE MUST. DIG. DEEPER.


So how exactly do we get started? It’s simple. Head over to my website and  |Schedule an appointment| today!


-Dr. Casey