Can Allergies Count as Chronic?

When you hear the phrase chronic illness, what comes to mind? Many people think that a chronic illness is one that stays in place, never leaving us alone. Others think that a chronic illness must be a major disease process to be considered chronic. The facts are that while these are in part true, they are ill-defined. In order to get a better idea of why this post is titled the way it is, we must first define chronic.

The dictionary says that Chronic means:




  1. (of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring.
  2. (of a person) having an illness persisting for a long time or constantly recurring.
  3. (of a problem) long-lasting and difficult to eradicate.


Take a minute to really think about the definition here. Focus on the phrases “constantly recurring” and “difficult to eradicate”. The symptoms of a chronic issue can come and go. The underlying cause itself remains persistent. In the case of allergies, We have been conditioned to accept that they are something that comes from the surrounding environment. In reality, it is the other way around. The environment itself is not the cause but rather the body’s inability to adapt to the changing environment around itself.    


What many people don’t realize is that for an issue to be chronic, it just needs to be persistent, recurring, and difficult to eradicate. So that means that when we talk about chronic issues that aren’t resolving, we ABSOLUTELY mean issues like allergies. I mean just look at them! Allergies are talked about as if they are a season that comes for you, like some evil demon from a streaming horror series. They make it seem like you are powerless against them. Like there is nothing you can do short of buying medications to help temporarily get rid of the symptoms of allergies. So If allergies aren’t that, then what are they, and why would you consider them a chronic issue?

What are Allergies?

Allergies, in their simplest form, are an overreaction of your own immune system. Little receptors positioned all over the body detect when anything enters it. Some areas, with good reason, are more sensitive than others because they are a direct line to your insides (think eyes, nose, mouth etc.) When a foreign body comes into contact with one of these more sensitive areas (think pollen) those receptors are able to communicate something along the lines of,




Or something along those lines. In a well functioning body, small amounts of chemicals are released to combat and ultimately destroy the coming invasion. This type of person may occasionally be affected by their outside environment, but for the most part, they remain unhindered by it’s attacks. But for a body that is not functioning as it should, this can spell an absolutely MISERABLE experience. I’m talking an absolute physiological nightmare! You know those scenes from end of the world movies where everyone is running around screaming and everything is utter chaos? I mean just like that. So why is it that some people have a better functioning system than others? Is it their diet? Their genetics? Maybe some amazing new workout routine? How about nope, no, and definitely not. It’s that they’re Nervous System is functioning well!


“But I thought we were talking about the immune system? Why bring a whole different system into this?!”


Don’t worry, we are speaking Immunity. The Nervous System is the key to having a strong immune system because of how intimately tied together they are. The nervous System and Immune System are like Jim and Pam from The Office. A synergistic entity working together to be the best they can while being constantly bombarded with situations from the oddballs around them. They ultimately work together to remedy whatever scenario they find themselves in. They adapt together. So when you have a strong nervous system, your immune system will also act as it should instead of doing something crazy like starting a business in philadelphia without telling you.


So for those people that think their allergies are “seasonal” and simply something you deal with, I’m speaking directly to you. Allergies aren’t a season, and they aren’t some evil thing you can’t escape from. They’re more like a Dwight. An inconvenience you learn to adapt to. Allergies are very much something you can find lasting relief from by ensuring your Nervous System is working correctly. The way to do that? Schedule Nervous System testing at The Specific Chiropractic Center. Simple as that.

How we can help!

At The Specific, we help people with chronic issues that just haven’t found lasting relief anywhere else. We Listen, believe in our patient’s ability to heal, and we guide them every step of the way. To know more, head over to our scheduling center. Don’t wait any longer and stop wasting your money on temporary solutions. Get hope. Get well. Live life!!